Rise of Islam

With the fall of the "Iron Curtain", a term used by Winston Churchill to describe the Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, we saw a few years of peace and optimism in the West until the events a decade ago when muslims attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center in New York, as well as other targets on "9/11".

Since then, politicians on the Left and Right have sought to assure us that Islam is a "religion of peace", an "Abrahamic faith" along with Judaism and Christianity, and compatible with democracy and "Western values". Despite these reassurances, Islam continues to command our attention in nearly every aspect of life, from demands for mosques and prayer rooms to calls for sharia law and removal of items that they find offensive, such as crucifixes, piggy banks, Christmas trees.

It appears that an Iron Burka is falling upon the "Free World", with freedom of speech, thought, belief and practice being curtailed on the pretext of "cultural sensitivity" and respect for "diversity" and "Muslim sensibilities".

Is Islam an end, or a means to an end, resulting in the prophesied bloodthirsty religious system described as "Mystery, Babylon the Great"?

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