Saturday, 10 April 2021

[YouTube / Iron Burka / Eating while fasting in the work place: How to attempt to accommodate employees living in bondage and submission to the false god during the month it revealed the unholy, antichrist koran via its false prophet] Employer's Guide to Ramadan | Dr. Safiyyah Ally (Let the Quran Speak)

# Let the Quran Speak

# Living in the lands of the 'infidels':

Muslims in the West Are to Serve as Islam's 'Eyes,' Says Fatwa

By Raymond Ibrahim Apr 07, 2021

... Published by the well-regarded Muslim website,, and titled in translation (all translations in this article are my own), “What Is the Ruling for Living in the Lands of Infidels,” it, too, states that, along with “preserving and upholding his Islam,” the “first condition” for any Muslim who lives among non-Muslims is that he/she has “enmity and hatred for the infidels, staying far from their loyalty and love—for loyalty and love for them contradicts the faith.” ...
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