Sunday, 11 April 2021

[Iron Burka / War upon the Saints: Sri Lanka Easter attacks weren't done by muslims - they were done by non-muslims hijacking islam, in spite of being born muslim, according to the false prophet] Zahran Hashim and his group were not true followers of the false prophet; they hijacked the name of the false god's religion to commit these crimes, apparently having nothing better to do than cosplay as muslims

“Zahran Hashim and his group were not Muslims; they hijacked the name of Islam to commit these crimes’

* The State is antagonizing the Muslim community in the manner that Zahran had wanted them to act. The State should not play to the tunes of Zahran. The State should not act in a way that would jeopardize national security. The State has already commenced the process of State sponsored oppression by prohibiting the import of Muslim books and are making plans to ban Niqabs/Burkas and Madrasas.
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