Thursday, 25 February 2021

[BitChute / 1984 / Technocracy / Total control of content on the Internet] ERADICATE ANTI-OLIGARCHICAL THOUGHTS From Internet (Microsoft, BBC & Adobe [and others] Partner Up) - tangentopolis (world orders review)

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# Controlling Reality:

A promising step forward on disinformation

Feb 22, 2021 | Eric Horvitz - Technical Fellow and Chief Scientific Officer

... Together, we are a small but growing coalition with a shared mission to re-establish trust in digital content via methods that authenticate the sources and trace the evolution of the information that we consume. This effort will require participation by global organizations with a desire to combat disinformation, consumers who want to regain trust in what they see and hear, and policymakers and lawmakers with the best interests of all of society as a top priority. ...

More on the best interests of all of society at Microsoft

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Building trust at the Origin

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