Wednesday, 8 April 2015

[Terror Australis] ‘Reclaim Australia’: Anti-islam rallies provoke fear in followers of the false prophet (speaking in favour of Israel is divisive and causes a huge uproar among the false prophet's followers)

‘Reclaim Australia’: Anti-Islam rallies provoke fear in Muslim community

Edited time: April 07, 2015
... Randa Kattan, CEO of Arab Council Australia, warned such racist type of events could quickly spiral out of control.

“In terms of numbers they might be insignificant, but in terms of damage, it is significant,” she told the Guardian.

She called the protesters “squeaky wheels grabbing attention,” but was careful not to underestimate such groups for attracting interest to their cause. ...
More attention-grabbing squeaky wheels at RT

# Meanwhile, speaking in favour of Israel has been known to cause the wheels to squeak ...

NSW community chief resigns over Israel email

Updated: 10:39 pm, Sunday, 27 July 2014
... Arab Council Australia CEO Randa Kattan said the call for Mr Alhadeff's resignation were never about his works, but his divisive comments.

'It's more about putting a particular position out there is divisive and goes against any harmony that we know,' Ms Kattan said.

'There was a huge uproar in the community about that.' ...
More on the squeaky wheel opposing free speech at Sky News

# Even the PM outrages the easily-outraged followers of the false prophet ...

Muslim leaders outraged by Tony Abbott’s chiding over extremism

Feb 25, 2015
... The head of the Arab Council of Australia, Randa Kattan, said the comments were “promoting hatred and inflaming racism”.

Kattan said she had seen a sharp increase in racism levelled at Muslim Australians since the Martin Place siege in Sydney last year, and that the comments by the prime minister are “dog-whistling to the racists out there”. ...
More on the sharp increase in 'racism' levelled at followers of the false prophet after one of their number took hostages in the Lindt cafe at dawatmedia