Sunday, 24 July 2011

Islam has already caused division

Jamila Hussain

[I HAD a phone call from one of my sons on Wednesday night. He was upset that some of the people he considered his friends had been posting disparaging remarks about Muslims on Facebook.]

[Many modern Muslim scholars believe the objectives of sharia - fairness and social justice - are already being met in the legal systems of most Western countries. We have a globalised multicultural and multi-religious society. It is generally remarkably harmonious. We should not cause division by blaming all the members of one community for the faults of a few individuals.

Jamila Hussain is a Muslim convert and a senior lecturer in Islamic law at UTS.]

Full article at "Sydney Morning Herald"

Muslims  are a part of what Jamila Hussain describes as a "multi-religious society", which has largely fallen away from God's plan of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ. This apostasy leads to the false religious system described as Mystery, Babylon the Great, rejecting the truth and replacing it with heresies including sharia law and submission to "Allah".

Islam has already caused division, dividing us into "muslim" and "non-muslim", with separate laws and accommodations for muslims being sought in the name of tolerance, multiculturalism, and cultural sensitivity.