Saturday, 19 September 2020

[YouTube / Pestilence / Covid-Normal / Maskerades] Mask Confusion: CDC Director Says He Thinks Masks Work Better Than Vaccines for the COVAIDS (The Dollar Vigilante)

# The Dollar Vigilante

[YouTube / Covid Archipelago / Age of Trump / Victoria: State of Disaster / Psychiatric abuse of dissidents / Gravy for the Brain / 1984 / Great Reset] News & World Covid Madness Report: Sept 18 (Tim Truth)

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Conspiracy Theory | Gravy For The Brain

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[YouTube / Covid Archipelago / Rise of the Dandu and the crackdown on freedom of thought, speech and assembly] Arrests at Melbourne anti-lockdown protests (Sky News Australia)

# Sky News Australia

Arrests At Melbourne, Australia Anti-Lockdown Protest Kicks Off Saturday Protests

# Jerry Eldred

Lockdown Protest Footage 19th September 2020 at Elsternwick Park in Melbourne

# Socialist Republic of Victoria

Victorian Chief Health Officer (CHO) Brett Sutton Apologises to the Afghanistanis in Melbourne

[YouTube / Nightmare on Spring Street: Victorian leader who once proudly led a march of thousands of protesters in search of a 'fair go' now tells a much smaller number to 'go home' - not many places to go to in Melbourne as the uptick in closed shops and business continues] Andrews tells 'selfish' protesters to 'go home' (Sky News Australia)

# Sky News Australia 

# The draconian measures do not apply to all 'rule-breakers' - especially when the 'rule-breakers' come from a certain ethnic group following a certain strange god and false prophet who supposedly told people not to enter or leave areas afllicted by pestilence:

How Would Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Have Dealt With COVID-19?

# 877-Why-Islam

# Apologies to those linked to Covid-19 transmission through not 'obeying the rules':

Sutton apologises over Afghani comments

[YouTube / Covid Archipelago / Nightmare on Spring Street / Rise of the Dandu] ‘Cult of Dan’ is the ‘strangest thing I have seen’: Bolt (Sky News Australia)

# Sky News Australia

Retired cops return to enforce Victoria's COVID-19 rules 

Police came to say hi again

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[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Rapture / Redemption / Eternal Life] Are You ReadyTo Shout??!!! (TyGreen)

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[YouTube / Days of Noah / Pestilence / Extreme Weather] Strange Events in 2020! (WORLDWIDE DIE-OFF) - Jason A

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[Bitchute / Age of Trump / Days of Noah / Mostly peaceful siege and riot cancelled] Leftists CANCEL White House Siege Due To Fear Of Trump, Confirms Trump's Plan WORKED, Riots Are DO.. (Tim Pool)

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[Brighteon / Daniel / Abrahamic / Revelation / Age of Trump / Israel / Jerusalem / Peace and Security / Jesus Saviour] Scriptural Backup Showing Abraham Accord Is "ANTICHRIST" (Grafted In - Team Jesus)

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[YouTube / Covid Archipelago / Nightmare on Spring Street / Maskerades / Window-smashing Tales / Great Reset] Why Has Victoria, Australia Become a Totalitarian Basket Case? (Computing Forever)

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[YouTube / Covid Archipelago / 1984] Technocracy Rising: Social Distancing Monitoring/Enforcement Via Pre-existing Worldwide Webcams! (Bearded Heretic II)

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[YouTube / Mystery, Babylon the Great / Beast 666 / Revelation / Jesus Saviour] 33 Miles To Oz - Freemasons Can Show You The Way! (Shaking My Head Productions)

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