Friday, 8 November 2019

[Terror Australis / Meet your muslim neighbours: The infatuated Melbourne pensioner who sent funds to an American fighting in the name of the false god in Syria, and the drug-addled Sri Lankan man threatening to set off a ('fake') bomb on a plane] Vic Islamic State funder avoids more jail (using his muslimness 'get out of jail free' card?)

Vic Islamic State funder avoids more jail

Karen Sweeney
Australian Associated Press
8 November 2019
A Melbourne pensioner won't spend any more time behind bars after a judge accepted he was "infatuated" by an American Islamic State supporter he sent money to.

Hampton Park man Isa Kocoglu admitted sending more than $2700 over several transactions to John Georgelas while the American was fighting in Syria in 2014. ...
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# Thanks to Pepe:

Sentence for man who attempted plane takeover reduced by court because bomb was fake

By court reporter Danny Tran
... Marks was travelling to Sri Lanka via Kuala Lumpur in May 2017 when, shortly after the flight took off, he retrieved a portable speaker and battery pack from his bag and falsely claimed it was a bomb.

He had used ice on the way to the airport, which induced the psychosis. ...
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# Just another history of mental illness:

Manodh Marks appeals sentence for Victoria plane bomb threat

Karen Sweeney, AAP
October 18, 2019
... He had devices with flashing blue lights in each hand as he stood outside the cockpit of the Airbus with 222 people on board and threatened to “blow the f***ing plane up”. ...
More 'blow the f***ing plane up' at

# Just a hospitality student practicing hospitality (while not in a hospital):

Malaysia Airlines bomb threat: Judge questions police response to meth user Manodh Marks

By Karen Percy
26 Apr 2018
... Flight MH128 took off at 11:26pm on May 31 with more than 220 passengers aboard, including Sri Lankan hospitality student Manodh Marks.

Within a few minutes of take-off, Marks had left his seat and retrieved two items from his bag in the overhead locker, which he claimed was a bomb. ...
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