Saturday, 30 November 2019

[Iron Burka / Phobe Hunting in Oz, as the false god's followers continue to plan or carry out violent expressions of muslimness against non-members of the non-god's non-race] Landmark conference on countering 'phobia' triggered by expressions of muslimness such as stabbing, shooting, bombing and mowing down 'unbelievers'

Landmark conference on countering Islamophobia

Posted by Zia Ahmad | 29 Nov, 2019
... There were a number of panels and presentations dealing with the impact of violent extremism, the extremist right-wing and Islamophobia on society and communities; short rapid-fire presentations on latest research related to right-wing extremism; outcomes and potential solutions to the problems and commitment for action. The conference was organised by Charles Sturt University, NSW Government, All Together Now and ISRA. ...
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# A recent foiled expression of muslimness:

Terror sentences for trio who planned Federation Square attack

# Sky News Australia