Thursday, 21 November 2019

[Iron Burka falling on Ireland and Once-free Britain, as it does elsewhere that the false god's religion penetrates] UCC lecturer warns of rising wave of phony phobia of the phony god's phony religion after Fine Gael candidate said some things and sparked 'controversy' (said nothing much, but that is all it takes)

UCC lecturer warns of rising wave of Islamophobia after comments by Fine Gael candidate spark controversy

Darragh Bermingham
... Speaking to The Echo, Dr De Sondy said: “The time is now to name it for what it is, which is Islamophobia.

“Muslims have become political pawns in this game.

“It’s rising, not just here in Ireland, but research shows across Europe as well.”

Dr De Sondy questioned why people who make Islamophobic comments in Ireland appear to receive very little in the way of punishment. ...
More on people not being punished enough for saying things that are claimed to be 'phobic' of the false god's evil, terror-casting religion as it express its muslimness in Ireland and other succumbing nations at

# Muslim Council of Britain gets triggered by lack of questions about the phony phobia that obsesses them so - issues press release about the non-questioning:

MCB questions ITV’s failure to address Islamophobia in the Conservative Party

20 November 2019
... Commenting, Secretary General of the MCB Harun Khan said:

“Last night’s thorough debate explored a number of important issues that will be at the forefront of people’s minds on 12th December.

“It makes no sense whatsoever therefore that ITV felt it was not important enough to call out and hold the Prime Minister to account over Islamophobia in the Conservative Party, which we know to be a systemic problem of great significance to many people.

“Even if we were to overlook the Conservative Party’s history, and indeed the Prime Minister’s own history with Islamophobia, the last week has brought enough new cases of Islamophobia from within its ranks for it to be discussed and raised in last night’s debate.

“We should be holding all parties equally responsible over incidents of racism. Muslims, and racism against Muslims, should not be considered less important and ITV’s failure to address this is deeply disappointing.”
More disappointment about the lack of questions about the phony phobia in a once-free land falling under the sway of the false god and its blasphemous, terror-casting religion at MCB