Tuesday, 19 November 2019

[Iron Burka falling on Europe and the West: Followers of the false god spruik its phony religion as a race, in order to protect it from 'racial vilification' - when they succeed in dudding the public into 'racialising' the non-race, they claim that the 'racialising' leads to ... islamophobia, of course] "Europe has a problem with religion" (It has been lead to believe that a false god's religion is a race instead of a religion)

"Europe has a problem with religion"

Marian Brehmer
... What do you think causes Islamophobia?

Hyokki: It has a lot to do with the phenomenon known as the "racialisation of Muslims". Muslims are treated as if Islam were a race. In this way, anti-Muslim prejudice becomes racism. It employs the same terminology that is used in biological racism, which is why researchers often talk about "anti-Muslim racism". Islamophobia is not just about stereotypes or prejudices, it is an institutionalised form of discrimination. Moreover, it should be stressed that Islamophobia is not merely a phenomenon that emerged after the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Muslims had been subject to discrimination long before 9/11. We only need to dip into European Orientalism to see that anti-Islamic sentiment has a long history. ...
More racialising (and brownifying?) a false god's non-race in order to cause phony phobia long before some members of the non-race did some things on 9/11 at Qantara.de