Saturday, 9 November 2019

[Iron Burka falling on Britain - a land frequently impacted by expressions of muslimness and an obsession with 'phobia' of the phony religion responsible for the expressions of muslimness. Now it is like-minded anonymous commenters on YouTube expressing non-muslimness who are responsible for the 'phobia', or something] How 'Fake News' Can Lead To Online 'Phobia' Of A Phony God's Phony, Kuffarcidal Religion

How Fake News Can Lead To Online Islamophobia

by: Imran Awan on November 8, 2019
... The infrastructure and design of social media networks provides individuals with echo-chamber environments. These echo-chamber environments can form because of how the internet has created an environment which prevents opinionated discussions, but rather encourages individuals to engage with like-minded individuals whose beliefs and views are aligned. ...
More engaging with like-minded individuals in response to a religion that calls for differently-minded individuals ('unbelievers') to be beheaded or mutilated off-line (the false prophet didn't have social media to propagate his blasphemies) at RanttMedia

Imran Awan