Monday, 14 October 2019

[Iron Burka falling on Once-free Britain: As the false god and its followers continue to cast terror into the hearts of 'unbelievers', Key Performance Indicators show 191 female 'victims' of the resulting 'phobia' in Bristol from 2017 to August 2019 - an impressive result that other false gods and their followers would be hard pressed to emulate] Police encourage female followers of the false god and false prophet to report 'hate crime'

Police encourage Muslim women to report hate crime
... Under-reporting 'off the charts'

Supt Bennett, Avon and Somerset Police's hate crime lead, said: "Islamic women in particular are suffering, often almost daily, verbal harassment and persistent name calling and intimidation - and this is the area where we really want to smash it.

"They are normalising this behaviour because it's part of their everyday life and I want to say 'the police absolutely don't want you to put up with this behaviour'." ...
More 'off the charts' under-reporting of 'phobia' resulting from people doing things in the name of the false god - shooting, stabbing, bombing, beheading, spindling and mutilating 'unbelievers' - at BBC

# Memories - 'islamophobia' continues to rise in Bristol, in spite of police intervention after an expression of muslimness in Germany in 2016:

Bristol police step up patrols to combat Islamophobia after Berlin Christmas market attack

By Laura Churchill
21 DEC 2016
... Chief Superintendent Jon Reilly, area commander for Bristol, confirmed patrols had been increased in the city centre.

He said: "Following previous terror attacks across mainland Europe we have seen an increase in the number of reported Islamophobic hate crimes in the Avon and Somerset area. ...
More on the success of the false god in casting terror into the hearts of 'unbelievers' - and the failure of Bristol police to curtail the resultant 'phobia' - at BristolLive

# A foiled expression of muslimness in Bristol a decade ago:

Bristol man guilty of suicide bomb plot on shopping centre

Steven Morris
Fri 17 Jul 2009
... Isa Ibrahim, 20, made viable explosives, manufactured a suicide vest and carried out reconnaissance on the Broadmead shopping centre. Detectives believe he was about to launch an attack, possibly targeting the centre's busy food court area. ...
More pre-emption of a planned 'islamophobia' trigger at Guardian

# Police would have trouble responding to terror attacks - but are well resourced to respond to any resulting 'phobia', apparently:

Police cuts: force says it would struggle to respond to terror attack

Steven Morris
Tue 19 Sep 2017
... The report says: “In the aftermath of Manchester, Westminster, London Bridge and … Barcelona, the public have a heightened expectation of policing response that would be very difficult for us to deliver in significant provincial cities such as Bristol and Bath.

“Individuals from the south-west region, some of whom are socially isolated and vulnerable, have travelled or expressed a desire to support Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, while others represent a threat as potential ‘lone actors’.” ...
More struggling to respond to terror attacks - but not the resultant 'phobia', which is 'under-reported' - at Guardian

# Backlashophobia following the successful 2005 London expressions of muslimness:

Mosques warned of Muslim backlash

Monday, 11 July, 2005
... Warning Muslim neighbourhoods could face a backlash, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said police were patrolling near places of worship.

There have been reports of attacks to mosques in London, the Midlands, Merseyside, Yorkshire and Bristol. ...
More on the backlashophobia following the successful forward lash at BBC