Tuesday, 17 September 2019

[Iron Burka / Expressions of Antichrist: Morocco 'celebrates religious tolerance' by calling for a day against 'phobia' of the phony god's phony religion - while outlawing preaching the Gospel of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ - the only name by which Moroccan citizens are to be saved, in common with all humans] Morocco Calls for Adoption of 'World Anti-Islamophobia Day'

Morocco Calls for Adoption of World Anti-Islamophobia Day

Morocco says it wants the day to be about “internationally celebrating tolerance and coexistence” and refuting “the heinous rhetoric against Islam and Muslims.”

By Morocco World News - Sep 16, 2019
... They suggested that the move seeks, in the long term, to go beyond the sole goal of countering mounting Islamophobia worldwide. Also implicated in the hope to tackle Islamophobia is the wish to establish more connections and spaces for peaceful dialogue for different religious faiths. ...
More mounting 'phobia' as the phony god continues to cast terror into the hearts of 'unbelievers' as part of a war in the heavens against Jesus Christ, the holder of the title deed to the Earth, and all that is in it, at Morocco World News


Last updated: 1 May 2019. Still current at: 17 September 2019.

We’ve reviewed our travel advice for Morocco. We haven’t changed the level of advice - 'Exercise a high degree of caution' in Morocco overall. Higher levels apply in some parts of the country.
... Other laws

The death penalty can apply for serious offences, such as high treason, terrorism, multiple murder and rape.

Activities that are illegal in Morocco include:
  • homosexuality – more information: LGBTI travellers
  • heterosexual relations outside marriage
  • preaching a religion other than Islam
  • importing religious materials other than those relating to Islam ...
1 Corinthians 1:18
For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but to us which are saved it is the power of God.
# Flee from islam, with its lies, blasphemies and obsession with 'phobia'. Run for your life!