Tuesday, 2 July 2019

[Iron Burka: Another yarn about dangerously embedded 'phobia' of a phony god's phony religion in a dying nation] Prime Minister Boris would be bad news for Britain's followers of the false prophet (maybe he would be good news for those not yet in submission and bondage)

Prime Minister Boris would be bad news for Britain's Muslims

Sam Hamad
1 July, 2019
... But one thing is now disturbingly clear: Whoever leads the Conservative Party and the UK, will be presiding over a party that has dangerously radical and embedded Islamophobia within its ranks.

The recent data from a Hope Not Hate poll of Tory members found an astonishing 43 percent would "prefer not to have the country led by a Muslim". ...
More astonishment at 43% of party members not wanting the country to be led by a follower of the false god and false prophet of islam at TheNewArab

# 'Phobia' of expressions of muslimness in a nation treated to some really nasty expressions in recent years:

Naz Shah MP welcomes backing for definition of Islamophobia

By Natasha Meek
... She said: "As a member of parliament with the largest Muslim constituency we have to understand Islamophobia. ...
More on the largest muslim constituency - with a large potential to express muslimness in ways likely to trigger 'phobia' - at Telegraph and Argus

# Compulsory participation in expressions of muslimness?

Majority of headteachers in Britain want children attend Islamic indoctrination classes