Tuesday, 18 June 2019

[Iron Burka / Expressions of muslimness and victimness: Forget what people do in the name of the fake god and focus on google's search results, which distort islam and lead to phony phobia, or something] A follower of the fake god and false prophet in Britain is not represented by Anjem Choudary - but a search on “British Muslim spokesperson” shows yarns about “British Muslim spokesperson”, including this yarn

I am a British Muslim, and Anjem Choudary does not represent me

Muddassar Ahmed
June 18, 2019
... A Google search for “British Muslim spokesperson” will bring as the top result Anjem Choudary, one of the UK’s most dangerous radical preachers, who helped recruit hundreds of British Muslims to join Daesh in Syria. ...
More on the search that brings this and similar yarns up at Arab News

# Why would hundreds of British followers of the fake god be taken in and head to Syria to join ISIS, when so much effort was devoted to claiming that ISIS wasn't islamic and wasn't a state?

Shamima Begum went to Syria, and it was shocking to bar her from returning to the country she left, according to google's algorithm:

We need a better way to stop Muslim radicalisation

Muddassar Ahmed
Monday 4 March 2019
Many of those who were shocked by the Home Secretary’s decision to bar Shamima Begum — who ran away from this country to join Islamic State — from returning to the UK are the same people who have vehemently opposed the Government’s Prevent strategy since its launch in 2003. But we cannot have our cake and eat it. ...
More on the country that may have got something right for once at Evening Standard

# Meet your muslim neighbour: The grave digger taken in by Anjem Choudary or google's algorithms, or something, or nothing.

London man reveals his role as an Islamic State gravedigger in Baghouz 'slaughterhouse'

14 June 2019
... Shahan Choudhury, who left London in 2014 explained his role within ISIS while living in Baghouz - the same town Shamima Begum once lived.

Speaking from prison in Syria, he said: "The last thing I was working in is called (speaks in Arabic) - it's public services, last thing I was doing was digging graves and burying people." ...
More on the fake god's followers - apparently taken in by Anjem Choudary, or google's algorithms, or anything but allah and its false prophet and evil religion at ITV

# google's algorithm doesn't seem to be taken in by the claims that islamic terror has "nothing to do with islam", producing results such as:
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# Must be a faulty algorithm - surely people aren't really connecting islamic terror to islam?