Saturday, 4 August 2018

[USA / Islamophonia: Writing about a phony phobia of a phony god's phony religion - and getting a scholarship] Cooper graduate fights phony phobia through education, attending college

Cooper graduate fights Islamophobia through education, attending college

Laura Kay Prosser
... “Growing up I came to realize as a Muslim, that you battle yourself more than you do the community around you,” Ahmed said. “However, Islamophobia exists and as you educate yourself, you educate your community. But the question remains, how do you have to let that phobia define you? That’s what I wrote about.” ...
More on the poor victim who came from Ethiopia to and ungrateful America and found that a phony phobia of her phony god's phony religion exists at Sun Post

# Perhaps she could have written about the advantages of living in the USA instead of Ethiopia - educational opportunities, for example - instead of being defined by a phony phobia.