Wednesday, 8 August 2018

[Iron Burka / Islamophonia / Age of Trump: Another yarn about the phony phobia - and Trump's travel ban wreaking havoc on muslim families - in his attempt to protect against the fake god's followers wreaking havoc on the United States, its people and infrastructure - as happened on 9/11 and numerous times thereafter] American Kids Are Learning The Phony Phobia Of The Phony God's Phony religion From Their Textbooks (Would You Believe?)

American Kids Are Learning Islamophobia From Their Textbooks

Melissa Levinson
Donald Trump’s travel ban, recently upheld by the Supreme Court, is wreaking havoc on Muslim families, forcing some Americans to leave the United States for countries in the midst of devastating wars in order to reunite with loved ones. ...
More 'havoc-wreaking' - admitting that there are 'devasting wars' (in lands subject to travel bans) - then claiming the usual tripe about 'misconceptions' of the violence in the middle east and the fake god's religion - at HuffPost of all places :)

# If there wasn't instability, oppression and violence in the middle east and islam, there would be no need for a 'travel ban', no need to seek refuge from the violence and oppression, and no need to think havoc is being wreaked should people choose to return to the places that are not violent or oppressed - but perhaps they believed the 'misconceptions' about violence and oppression before leaving for the USA.