Tuesday, 7 August 2018

[Iron Burka / Allah the Kuffar Slayer: The fake god's followers continue to cast terror - then get triggered when the fake god's religion is linked to terror - or whatever victim tale Al Jazeera confects] Twice a Victim: How Have Attacks Affected the Fake God's Followers in Europe? (The true victims - not the 'unbelievers' shot, stabbed, bombed, mowed down or otherwise bent, folded, spindled and mutilated in the fake god's name)

Twice a Victim: How Have Attacks Affected Muslims in Europe?

06 Aug 2018
... The Madrid bombings were the first in a string of violent attacks on European soil in recent years - from London, Paris, Brussels and Nice to Manchester, Barcelona and Berlin.

These attacks were claimed to be carried out in the name of Islam, which has created an association between the Islamic faith and armed violence. As a result, many Muslims in Europe are facing heightened Islamophobia, hatred and ostracism. ...
More on the poor victims of heightened phony phobia of the phony god's phony religion, 'hatred' and 'ostracism' as the islamic terror continues, followed by frantic efforts to deny any connection to islam, at Al Jazeera

# From the city where islamic terror-casting has become 'part and parcel' of modern life:

Evening Standard comment: Islamophobia must be rooted out in London
The warning today by Mohammed Mahmoud, the imam from Finsbury Park, about what he describes as the “rising scale and severity” of Islamophobia in this country, should give considerable cause for alarm, supported as it is by his testimony of how some members of his own congregation have suffered abusive chants or had their headscarves removed. ...
More hedjab-tugging tales from a city struck by numerous acts of terror in the name of the fake god of islam at Evening Standard