Thursday, 2 August 2018

[Groundhog Day: Another yarn about distortion of the fake god's evil religion, the true meaning of jihad, and bonus tripe about the false prophet] The distortion of islam that drives terrorism - instead of getting the kids off to school in time, or resisting the temptation to eat another chocolate instead of beheading the infidel next door

The distortion of Islam that drives terrorism

by Robert G. Rabil
August 1
... But it’s important to recall that these are both distortions of Islamic teachings, propagated by extremists. Most Muslims do not support jihad as warfare unless they are under attack. Rather than demonizing Islam, the United States should be mindful of not painting with an overly broad brush that pushes Muslims towards these extremist conceptions.
More stereotripe about distorting the fake god's inherently demonic religion - opposing Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords and King of Kings - at Washington Post

# muslims are under attack, if the number of yarns about 'muslims under siege' is anything to go by ...

Are Muslims Under Siege in the Land of the Free?

... Today, "Little Pakistan" is a neighborhood under siege as thousands of Pakistani immigrants in the United States have been seeking new lives in Canada, fleeing the land that prides itself as a destination for the world's weary, huddled masses, for an uncertain life in a new country. ...
Community Under Siege

When Trump will need Muslims
Daniel Benjamin

Relatively soon jihadists are likely to make a terrorist attack against the US: this is what President Trump should do then.

(Another bombing in Britain)

Manchester's Muslim community under siege: "We are part of the fabric of this nation"
... At the Victoria Park Mosque on Friday, Imam Christi dedicated a large portion of his sermon condemning last Monday’s tragedy. But he was also forced to once again defend his religion and its followers, saying Islam is about peace and that nowhere in the Koran it says Muslims should pursue jihad. ...
(Terror-related charges in Queensland)

Queensland Muslims feel under siege: imam

26 September 2014
... Dr Abdalla said more frequent incidents of racial and religious vilification have been reported in the area since a raid on an Islamic bookstore at Underwood resulted in the arrest of two men on terror-related charges.

He said local Muslims, particularly women, are too afraid to leave the homes because of the growing abuse. ...
(Washington Post again - 'under siege' tale after more islamic terror that had nothing to do with islam)

Europe’s Muslims feel under siege

By Anthony Faiola and Souad Mekhennet November 1, 2014
... In Britain, negative sentiments spiked last May after the slaying of a British Army soldier in London by two homegrown radicals. After the killing, Asimah Sheikh, 36, a mother of two who helps out at her brother’s Islamic clothes shop in northwest London, said the tires were slashed on her car and “go back home” was written on the windshield. ...
(Goodness me, it's SPLC)

SPLC’s Intelligence Report: American Muslims Under Siege

June 09, 2015
... “It should be no surprise that Muslims in this country feel that they are under siege as politicians and ideologues exploit violence committed by radical Muslims to demonize the entire community,” said Mark Potok, senior fellow at the SPLC and editor of the Intelligence Report. ...
# From the time before they started blaming Trump for the 'uptick in islamophobia'