Wednesday, 11 July 2018

[France / Iron Burka / Driving while muslim: Another yarn about 'islamophobia' after a follower of the fake god cast terror and killed some of its own followers] Truck Attack in Nice (July 2016)

Truck Attack in Nice

French Muslim families who lost loved ones in the Nice truck attack struggle with bereavement and Islamophobia.

10 Jul 2018
... "Don't involve Islam in this issue," said Tahar al-Majri, who lost his ex-wife and four-year-old son Kylan in the Nice attack. "He ran down people aged four to 80. You can't kill people and say, 'God is Great'. God never tells us to kill people."
More driving in the name of the fake god of islam and casting terror in its evil name - then 'struggling' with the resultant phony phobia at Al Jazeera