Sunday, 3 June 2018

[Once-great Britain / Submission / Part and Parcel Bomb] Pressure grows for May to tackle 'phobia' of the fake god's evil, Kuffarcidal religion in Conservative party - as the fake god and its followers continue to cast terror by shooting, stabbing, bombing and mowing down 'infidels' on public transport and in the streets and venues

Pressure grows for May to tackle Islamophobia in Conservative party

Chris Johnston
Sat 2 Jun 2018
... Mohamed Sheikh said an independent inquiry was required to “show we will not tolerate any form of discrimination within our own party”.

His call comes after the MCB accused the Tories of failing to take the issue seriously. ...
More toleration for the evil, blasphemous religion that divides Britain (and the world) into 'muslim' and 'non-muslim' - while seeking to kill, convert or extract protection from the 'non-muslim' - at The Guardian

# Flee from the fake god of islam and its hyphenating religion. Run for your life!

# Triggering the phony phobia - thanks to Bruce:

Would-be terrorist encouraged attacks on Prince George, suggested 'poisoning ice creams'
... Prosecutor Annabel Darlow told the jury Rashid suggested a range of attacks, including injecting poison into supermarket ice cream and targeting Prince George. ...
More part and parcel of life in Britain as it falls to the fake god's evil religion at ABC News