Monday, 4 June 2018

[Once-great Britain - the calls for an 'Islamophobia Inquisition' continue - as the fake god's followers mock the country and its institutions and values] Sajid Javid uses his own muslim identity to deny Tory fear of islam, despite claiming NOT to be a follower of the fake god and false prophet in 2010

Sajid Javid uses his own Muslim identity to deny Tory Islamophobia, despite claiming NOT to be Muslim in 2010

By Tom D. Rogers - 4th June 2018
... However, despite Javid’s attempts to try and use his apparent Muslim identity to prove that the Conservative Party could not possibly have a problem with Muslims, the Home Secretary has previously claimed that he is not, in fact, a Muslim. ...
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# Even Lee Rigby's killer seems to be coming around to David Cameron's view that killing in the name of the fake god is a betrayal of islam, or a misunderstanding, or something:

Soldier Killed in London Street By 'Britons Of African Origin'

# VOA News

Lee Rigby murder: Michael Adebolajo say ‘sorry’ in shock prison confession

Ben Griffiths and Tom Wells
June 3, 2018
... “He told them he acknowledged for the first time he had taken an innocent life.

“He even admitted he misinterpreted the Koran in trying to justify his horrific actions. ...
More 'miinterpreting' the blasphemous, anti-Kuffar book at

# Flee from islam - run for your life!