Sunday, 27 May 2018

[Unicorn Hunting: 'Weaponizing' atheism in order to somehow demonize the fake god's already 'demonized' religion - via its doctrines of demons, denying Jesus Christ, his deity, son-ship and crucifixion for sins] US liberal fear of islam is rising – and more insidious than rightwing 'bigotry' (opposition to islam in some form, such as use of free speech against it)

US liberal Islamophobia is rising – and more insidious than rightwing bigotry

Khaled A Beydoun
Sun 27 May 2018
... A diverse and eclectic litany of prominent Islamophobes occupies the left. These liberal Islamophobes, like Bill Maher and Sam Harris, weaponize atheism as an ideology that not only discredits the spiritual dimensions of Islam but also demonizes it in line with longstanding orientalist, political terms. ...
More tripe about the already demonic religion at The Guardian :)