Thursday, 3 May 2018

[Scotland / More free-speech-phobia: Strike off their facebook accounts - maim them in every tweet!] Institute of Directors caught up in yet another confected 'row' over fear of the fake god's evil, Kuffarcidal death cult

Institute of Directors caught up in Islamophobia row

Exclusive by Andrew Learmonth
... In tweets, now deleted, Willis shared articles claiming Europe was “a dying continent soon to be overrun by Muslims”.

He shared links from a far-right website which insisted Europe was being threatened by a “demographic timebomb” that will see Christians replaced by Muslims. ...
More on the dying continent - with feet of iron and clay - soon to fall to Mystery, Babylon the Great, along with the Beast 666 and False Prophet, at The National

Muslimization of Europe and The 10 Toes of Iron and Clay (Daniel 2)

# Greater Church of God