Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Islamophantasies: 'Hate Crimes' Spiked After Trump’s Tweets Following Islamic Terror-Castings That Have Nothing To Do With Islam, Study Suggests (Three Drunk Trump Supporters Tugging A Hedjab In The Subway - Or An Asian Man Snipping A Hedjab With Blue-Handled Scissors?)

Hate Crimes Spiked After Trump’s Anti-Muslim Tweets, Study Finds

Kelly Weill
... “To be clear, we do not claim that Donald Trump himself causes hate crimes out of thin air,” Carlo Schwartz, a doctoral student who worked on the study, told The Daily Beast. His co-author on the study is fellow Warwick doctoral student Karsten Müller. “But what we think is interesting is that Trump’s tweets and hate crime only appear to be correlated after the start of his presidential run. ...
More Trumpophobia and deflection from allah and its actual terror-castings - via its followers - at Daily Beast