Thursday, 17 May 2018

[Indonesia / Meet your muslim neighbors / Exploding muslims are a health hazard] When your "friendly" neighbors turn out to be terrorists

When your "friendly" neighbors turn out to be terrorists

By Sepsha Dewi Restian, KYODO NEWS
... Wery Tri Kusuma, a 46-year-old former laundry manager at a hotel in Surabaya whose house is next to Dita's, said Tuesday that it came as a shock to learn that his neighbors were terrorists.

"I am surprised. We never thought anything bad about that family. They looked normal. ...
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Families behind suicide bombings in Indonesia all attended same Islamic study group, police say

Jardine Malado Wed 16 May 2018
... Neighbors have said that the Oepriarto family belonged to the upper-middle class and had shown no signs that they planned to commit terror attacks.

Raith Yunanto, a Christian who lives two houses from the Oepriarto family, had said that she had been on good terms with them, and even went shopping with the wife at the local market on one occasion. ...
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