Wednesday, 30 May 2018

[Hedjabbery / Submission / Solidarity: Hyphenated women wear hedjabs in Qatar in solidarity with non-hyphenated women living in bondage and submission to the fake god's doomed religion] Non-muslim women take on hedjab challenge during Ramadan (by cosplaying as muslim women)

Non-Muslim women take on Hijab challenge during Ramadan

By Riley Morgan
... Her mother, Ellie, is the executive director and ambassador for WHD in Qatar and said the 30-day challenge offered non-Muslim women just a small glimpse into the type of discrimination those wearing a Hijab tolerate on a daily basis.

"What we are doing by doing this 30-day challenge is we are getting only a small glimpse of what Hijab-wearing women face every single day," she said in a Facebook post on day two of the challenge. ...
More on the 'ambassador' for the day dedicated to wearing the fake god's symbol at SBS

# More tripe on what muslim women submit to on a daily basis:

BREAKING! Non–Muslim women take on Ramadan hijab challenge

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