Tuesday, 22 May 2018

[Abu Dhabi / Groundhog Day: Another tale about the fake god's evil religion being hijacked - by its own followers, who distort its message by leaving it unchanged] ‘Must foil attempts to distort Islam’

‘Must foil attempts to distort Islam’

May 22, 2018
... Islam is under threat at various levels, the speaker said, and the threat was more serious than it had ever been in the past, with social media and television helping those with a divisive agenda spread hatred and ultimately undermine the state, religion and other pillars of society. Those seeking to hijack and distort Islam either belong to terrorist groups, espouse a divisive ideology or attempt to spread the message of extremist and political Islam, he said. All of them have one common goal - that of hijacking religion, causing bloodshed and undermining society - and are a threat to its very fabric. ...
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