Wednesday, 4 April 2018

[USA / Milwaukee / Islamophonia: Wearing a hedjab while denouncing Israel (apple of God's eye) triggers a backlash, allowing the fake god's followers to whine about fear of its evil religion yet again - as if they really need a trigger to portray themselves as victims of the phony phobia] BEG: Support for Palestine unfairly taboo (More likely that saying anything against the fake god's phony religion is becoming 'taboo' - leading to anything from loss of employment to prosecution for 'hate speech')

BEG: Support for Palestine unfairly taboo

Aminah Beg • April 4, 2018
... The tip-toeing around support for Palestine is what perpetuates the Islamophobia movement. The difficulty of criticizing the bombings of the Gaza strip permits the neglect for Muslims worldwide and the lack of concern for their safety. Right-wing conservatives will continue to attack Muslims and pose them as a threat to other countries because they ignore the truth of the Palestinian situation, and the Muslim religion as a whole. ...
More on the doomed religion that exists to oppose Israel and God's prophet will and purpose - while seeking to kill, convert, or extract jizyah protection from 'unbelievers' - at Marquette Wire

# Israel is of God - islam is from a fake god.