Monday, 30 April 2018

[USA / Groundhog Day / Islamophonia: Another 'islamophobia is alive and well in America' fairy tale - blaming Trump, not islamic terror-castings] How student groups following the fake god and false prophet plan to create inclusive campuses in the US (babbling about the phony phobia, microaggressions, stares in public, 'justice' in 'Palestine' (Israel - Holy Land) - jihad meaning 'struggle' - the usual baggage)

How Muslim student groups plan to create inclusive campuses in the US

By Study International Staff | April 30, 2018
... Muslim students on US campuses have reason to worry how their faith will affect their academic studies and life on campus. Negative attitudes, ranging from blatant Islamophobia to microagressions – such as stares in public, alienation and assumptions of religious homogeneity – have been reported to be perpetrated by a significant portion of society. ...
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