Saturday, 7 April 2018

[USA / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Islamophonia: Another yarn about allah's signature 9/11 terror-castings - and the 'phobia' and 'racism' against the fake god's religion and unfortunate followers that is claimed to follow, allowing the followers to portray themselves as victims of anything and everything, from drunk Trump supporters to Asian men with blue scissors] What most Americans get wrong about fear of the fake god's evil, Kuffarcidal religion

What most Americans get wrong about Islamophobia

By Alexia Underwood Apr 6, 2018
It’s no secret that hate crimes against Muslims have been on the rise.

In one recent incident, an anonymous group in the UK declared Tuesday, April 3, to be “Punish A Muslim Day.” They circulated leaflets in several UK cities, calling for people to attack Muslims in various ways, by “using gun, knife, vehicle or otherwise,” and also advocated for burning and bombing mosques. ...
More on the rise in stuff that didn't happen - drunk Trump supporters ripping off hedjabs in the subway, scissor-snipped hedjabs, and the 'punish a muslim' tale - at Vox