Monday, 30 April 2018

[University of California, San Diego talks tripe about the fake god's religion - post 9/11 - islam is misunderstood - negative stereotripes - 2016 election - bias - fear - problems muslims face - and that's just the first paragraph] Looking Beyond Stereotypes: Disproving Misconceptions About The Fake God's Religion By Reinforcing Them

Looking Beyond Stereotypes: Disproving Misconceptions About Islam

April 29, 2018
Lara Sanli
... “The media is fueling [Islamophobia],” Pittal said. “It’s a very complicated platform to look at. But if you look at any culture, any religion, there are always those people who use that religion to advance their own interests that have nothing to do with the religion or the culture. There [are] Hindu extremists, there [are] Buddhist extremists, but those religions aren’t dealing with the same characterizations that a lot of Muslims are. ...
More stereotypical babbling to deflect attention from the evil, terror-casting 'god' to the media or anything else that isn't responsible for islamic terror-castings such as 9/11 at The Guardian