Monday, 23 April 2018

[Once-great Britain: White Trump supporter says something to woman in hedjab (doesn't tug it or snip it with blue scissors) - media uses muslim quotes in headlines - the hauntings continue to take their toll on the fake god's followers] How Islamophonia haunts Southeast Asian student followers of the fake god in the UK

How Islamophobia haunts Southeast Asian Muslim students in the UK

By Lee Lian Kong | April 23, 2018
... To be singled out for such racist vitriol because of her hijab isn’t normal for Putri. But after a spate of terrorist attacks in Europe, anti-Muslim sentiment is palpably on the rise. And with it, more verbal and even physical acts of Islamophobia. ...
More verbal and physical fear of the fake god's religion as it continues to cast terror by shooting, stabbing, bombing, beheading and maiming 'unbelievers' - thus haunting its followers - at Study International