Monday, 9 April 2018

[Once-great Britain / Thugophobia: Three black males misunderstand Thuggee cult and tarnish its image in a part of Britain where hijackings and misunderstandings are 'part and parcel' - blame shifted to 'islamophobia' as follower of the fake god of islam was a victim] Islamophobia in UK: 'Thugs' (black males) shot Imam of a Moske, Police arrest 2 for attempted murder - ABNA thinks they were afraid of islam

Islamophobia in UK: Thugs shot Imam of a Mosque, Police arrest 2 for attempted murder

April 8, 2018
... The Muslim teacher said the occupants of the car were three black men aged in their mid-20s to early 30s.

The powerfully built Imam, who kept fit by working out three times a week, said it was only when passers-by came to his aid that he realised he had been shot. ...
More on the unfortunate imam at ABNA

# Just as well it wasn't 'three drunk Trump supporters' or an Asian man with a pair of blue scissors