Wednesday, 4 April 2018

[Once-great Britain / Dewsbury / Bombing while muslim: any day can be 'punish a Kafir day' in the dying nation under the sway of allah and its evil religion] Terror arrests in home town of 7/7 bombing ringleader

Terror arrests in home town of 7/7 bombing ringleader

by Ann Jones
April 3, 2018
... Dewsbury has previous links with terrorism and was home to Mohammad Sidique Khan, who led the four-strong gang which killed 52 people in the capital in July 2005. ...
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# Allah's Willing Executioners:

Terror Arrests in Dewsbury Muslim Enclave Home to ‘Army of Darkness’ Radical Group

# Memories / Telegraph - 2006:

Army of darkness

By William Langley, Roya Nikkhah, James Orr, David Bamber and Massoud Ansari in Islamabad
20 Aug 2006
... In Britain, the group is run from the 3,000-capacity Markazi Mosque in Dewsbury - built with funds from Saudi Arabia - which also functions as Tablighi Jamaat's European headquarters. Signs around it warn: "Photography prohibited. Unauthorised persons not allowed. Trespassers will be prosecuted." ...