Saturday, 21 April 2018

[Mystery of Iniquity: Legal protection for a fake god's evil, blasphemous, antichrist religion, and criminalisation of the 'fear' thereof - even as the fake god and its followers continue to behead, shoot, stab, bomb, bend, fold, spindle and mutilate 'unbelievers' in the process of hijacking Creation from Jesus Christ - Lord of Lords, King of Kings] Fear of the fake god's evil, terror-casting religion should be seen as ‘crime against humanity’ - according to the fake god's followers and their supporters and enablers

Islamophobia should be seen as ‘crime against humanity’

By Cansu Dikme
April 20, 2018
... Islamophobic activities to be counted as crime against humanity

A final declaration closing the four-day summit said any minority’s exposition to discrimination due to its nation, gender, color, culture, religion, or language is a crime against humanity. ...
... Stressing that the aim of Islamophobia is planting hostility among people and communities of different beliefs, the declaration said: “Thus, it is necessary that Islamophobic activities should be considered as crimes against humanity.” ...
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