Monday, 9 April 2018

[Islamophonia / Doctrines of Demons: Another yarn about 'demonizing' the fake god's followers - already deceived into following islam's demonic doctrines, lies and blasphemies] Right wing uses Islamophonia for election gains (according to another of the fake god's unfortunate followers)

'Right wing uses Islamophobia for election gains'

By Handan Kazanci
... “Islamophobia both in Europe and the U.S. is being used as a political project that is connected to the right wing and possibly by discredited political elites who are using the demonizing of Muslims to win elections,” Dr. Hatem Bazian of the University of California-Berkeley told Anadolu Agency on Sunday. ...
More 'demonizing' of those already 'demonized' by the fake god at AA