Saturday, 28 April 2018

[Fake News: Avoiding any 'misjudgment' of the fake god's evil, blasphemous religion - wearing hedjabs and taking pictures - as the carnival of death rolls on - also with pictures] UMD Muslim Student Association Shares Culture Through Islamic Awareness Week

UMD Muslim Student Association Shares Culture Through Islamic Awareness Week

April 27, 2018
Haydee Clotter
... The biggest goal is to avoid any misjudgment. On Thursday, April 26, it was Hijab Day.

Students tried on hijabs and took pictures. ...
More promotion of the fake god's evil religion at FOX 21

# Meanwhile, the fake god and its followers advance islamic awareness all day, every day, minus the hedjabs, henna tattoos and falafels:

Islamic State releases video showing execution of Iraq 'election advocators'

By: Reuters
28 April 2018: Islamic State's Amaq News Agency released a video on Friday showing what they said was Islamic State militants shooting "two advocators" for next month's Iraqi parliamentary elections in the town of al-Tarmiyah, in the Salah al-Din governorate north of Baghdad. ...
Graphic video: ISIS blows up building full of Jaysh al-Islam fighters, beheads rebels during March offensive in south Damascus

By Andrew Illingworth
... As with all ISIS videos, the footage shown is extremely violent, showing the aftermath of close quarter firefights and the beheading of captured enemy fighters. ...
Two Islamic State wives return to Germany with their children

... What do we know about the women? The women, Sibel H., of Turkish-German descent from the state of Hesse, and Sabine S., a German convert from Baden-Württemberg, were allowed free entry into the country with their three children. ...
Islamic State 'Sim card man' jailed

Dominic Casciani
27 April 2018
... As they delved deeper into these records, they established that over 18 months, Mala had registered and activated 360 Sim cards - and he used these in turn to help fighters who had no easy means of registering social media accounts without drawing attention to themselves. ...