Thursday, 29 March 2018

[Canada: Not motivated by 'islamophobia' - met with scepticism - but when someone claims to be motivated by allah / islam we are told it was 'nothing to do with islam' - 'islam literally means peace', and some out of context koran quote about 'killing all humanity'] Quebec moske shooting suspect Alexandre Bissonnette pleads guilty (but not to being afraid of islam)

Quebec mosque shooting suspect Alexandre Bissonnette pleads guilty

Les Perreaux
March 28, 2018
... Mr. Bissonnette’s denial that he was motivated by Islamophobia was met with skepticism.

“The reality is he went to a mosque, a place of worship, and admitted to first-degree murder with intent to kill people,” said Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims. “Why would he have chosen that place of all places to commit such a horrific act?” ...
More not motivated by fear of islam at The Globe and Mail

# Memeries - We are all nothing to do with islam:

Canadian Muslim leaders condemn attack on France's Charlie Hebdo

Matt Coutts
Daily Brew
January 8, 2015
... Following the Ottawa attack, which left one soldier dead and forced Parliament Hill into a tense lockdown, there was an increase in reports of harassment of Muslim Canadians. The National Council of Canadian Muslims said they received an increased number of complaints from community members.

“Any time these sorts of incidents happen and the perpetrators are somehow linked to Islam, certainly Muslims feel extremely concerned that this may be seen as reflecting upon themselves,” Elghawaby said on Wednesday. ...
More killing in the name of the fake god being 'somehow linked to islam' at Yahoo News