Wednesday, 7 February 2018

[Turkey / Islamophonia: Islamic State - not Trump and 'white supremacists' and the 'islamophobia industry' are tarnishing the image of jihad and islam - today at least - normal SCAIRmongering can resume tomorrow] Daesh neither humane nor islamic, top religious body says

Daesh neither humane nor Islamic, top religious body says
... "The unpleasant images [and] violent scenes published in the media almost every day cause the spread of Islamophobia all over the world," the report said, adding that such terrorist groups using Islam as the pretext of spreading violence cannot be identified with any religion, above all Islam. DİB also criticized the negative effects of inhuman activities of Daesh on the global Islamic image that is tarnished by rising Islamophobia. ...
More on the unpleasant images and violent scenes and the global image of the evil, antichrist religion being tarnished by rising islamophonia at Daily Sabah