Friday, 9 February 2018

[Once-great Britain: Ventriloquisting for the female muslim personkind in the post 9/11 limelight when the fake god's followers have plenty of opportunities to portray themselves as victims of just about anything they can confect] The fake god's religion and me: why I decided to make a TV programme (for the BBC, which receives licence fees to churn out tripe) about the role of female personkind practising faith in a fake god and false religion

Islam and me: why I decided to make a TV programme about the role of women practising my faith

Mehreen Baig
February 8, 2018
... After the considerable interest in the show, I began working on the BBC documentary Islam, Women and Me, which was screened earlier this week. The question at the heart of the film was whether it is possible to be a strong, independent woman and a good Muslim. Muslim women are undeniably the most spoken-for group in the world. It seems that society is so busy ventriloquising for this silenced and allegedly oppressed minority group, it denies them an actual platform where they can speak for themselves. That was why the show was so important. ...
More ventriloquisting for the silenced and allegedly oppressed minority group (wouldn't silencing them and ventriloquisting for them constitute oppression - or is that just another allegation to reinforce alleged oppression?) at The National

Ventriloquisting is perfect for comedians who can't stop laughing about their own jokes.

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