Tuesday, 13 February 2018

[Canada / Blue Scissors Alert: Somali refugee attacked police and ran down pedestrians, triggering backlashophobia - but according to CBC not enough 'hate crimes' have since been reported, or something] Local groups fear followers of the fake god in Edmonton under-reporting hate incidents (not enough men with blue scissors snipping hedjabs, perhaps)

Local groups fear Muslims in Edmonton under-reporting hate incidents

By Roberta Bell, CBC News
Feb 12, 2018
Fatmeh Kalouti says she felt the backlash last September, after a Somali refugee attacked an Edmonton police officer and ran down pedestrians on downtown sidewalks.

A Muslim woman who wears a hijab, Kalouti didn't know the accused man, but heard about the ISIS flag he reportedly had with him before his arrest. ...
More on the fake god's followers fearing backlash following a successful islamic terror-casting at CBC

# Backlashophobia following successful forward lash:

'We are one family': Edmontonians counter September attack with show of unity

'It just brings me that peace of knowing that these are the people I'm surrounded with every day'

By Andrea Huncar , CBC News
Oct 27, 2017
... In the hours, days and weeks after charges were laid against Somali refugee Abdulahi Sharif, community leaders, politicians and police spoke in solidarity and worked hard behind the scenes to counter the inevitable backlash. ...