Friday, 1 December 2017

[YouTube / SCAIRmongering / Allah the Kuffar Slayer: Trump's tweets might aid the fake god in casting terror - and triggering a 'backlash' against the fake god's unfortunate followers] CAIR-SFBA Rep Responds to Donald Trump's Anti-Muslim Tweets (I Hooper)

# I Hooper

# If the fake god and its followers cease casting terror, there will be little reason for Britain First, Trump, or anyone else to tweet about the evil religion - CAIR can close down, along with the SPLC, Tell MAMA, MEND and the assorted 'islamophobia registries' set up to monitor real and fake reactions to the islamic terror. No need to claim that islam has been hijacked, My Jihad is to get the kids up in time to go to school, the media reports bad things about islam, islam is misunderstood, muslims are margarinized and victimized - and all the rest of the baggage associated with the fake religion - no-one will cair.