Saturday, 2 December 2017

[USA / Stanford / Dawa / Deception / Beware of False Prophets] International lawyer Karim Khan argues peace at core of Islam

# Islam is not a 'safe space' for anyone seeking salvation and eternal life; Jesus Christ is the mediator of the 'new covenant' which sets us free from the sins committed under the old covenant (Hebrews 9:15). A covenant drawn up by the false prophet of Islam is no substitute for the genuine article, which is open to all, by grace through faith in Jesus' sacrificial crucifixion for sins, and subsequent resurrection to eternal life.

International lawyer Karim Khan argues peace at core of Islam

Justin Daniels
December 1, 2017
... To Khan, violence shows that the Islamic world has been “hijacked for largely political purposes” because politicians often radicalize their messages to win support. But despite the “nonsense high-flouting theologians” may espouse, he said, citing Islamic text, “to murder one individual is to murder humanity … and to [be kind to] one individual … is to save [it].” ...
More on the 'hijacking' of the islamic world - with incomplete and out of context koran verses - at The Stanford Daily

# For there will rise up false Christs and false prophets, displaying wonderful signs and prodigies, so as to deceive, were it possible, even God's own People. (Matthew 24:24)

Ahmadi Muslims condemn violence and pledge to be “servants of humanity” at their Jalsa convention

August 1, 2017
... The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the only Islamic organization to believe that the long- awaited messiah has come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) of Qadian, India. Ahmad claimed to be the metaphorical second coming of Jesus of Nazareth and the divine guide, whose advent was foretold by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad. ...
More on the Ahmadiyya false messiah and false prophet at