Tuesday, 26 December 2017

[USA / Mystery of Iniquity / Antichrist: More fake 'good news' about islam, its false prophet, and its snide version of Jesus Christ - thanks to Huffington Post] In the age of Trump, a Muslim’s Christmas Message (Not thanking God for sending His only begotten Son to save us - simply deflecting attention to the false prophet of islam and his 'interfaith harmony' and Charter of Medina). Beware of false Prophets - and the fake news sites that promote them and their blasphemous, antichrist religions.

In the age of Trump, a Muslim’s Christmas Message

Kashif N Chaudhry, Contributor
Physician, Writer, Human Rights Activist
... President Trump would have the world believe Muslims hate the holiest personalities of Christianity. Don’t fall for the propaganda. Know well that the Muslim belief is incomplete without belief in the truth of Jesus Christ and the righteousness of Mother Mary. ...
More on the 'incomplete' muslim belief in Jesus Christ - denying and rejecting His deity, son-ship and crucifixion for sins - and thus rejection of salvation and eternal life and embrace of eternity in the Lake of Fire - at Huffington Post - don't fall for the propaganda, it is fake news of the most dangerous kind

Paul Tested His Revelations; Muhammad Didn't (PvM 7)

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