Friday, 22 December 2017

[USA: fanning the flames of fake news, or something] The Perils of #MeToo as a follower of the fake god and false prophet

The Perils of #MeToo as a Muslim

Jalal Baig
... What distinguishes the moment of reckoning among Muslims is that it takes place in the context of forces that aren't present for the media, Hollywood, or even other religious groups. Anti-Muslim sentiment has made Muslims balk at publicly airing their dirty laundry; nobody wants to fan the already raging flames of Islamophobia. ...
More on the poor victims caught up in both the fake god's evil religion and the stream of fake news about the Runnymede Trust's phony phobia at The Atlantic

# Bonus tripe about the phony phobia in a year of successful extremist islamic terror-castings:

Trump's Year in Islamophobia

# The fake god's followers seem to be so obsessed with 'islamophobia' that they are incapable of writing on any subject without mentioning it