Friday, 22 December 2017

[Terror Australis / Melbourne / Driving while muslim: Casting terror on behalf of the fake god of islam and its unfortunate followers - but still not 'terrorism' - must be time for 'history of mental illness' to be abandoned in favour of 'local muslims brace for backlash', 'no-one knew him at the moske', and 'police commissioner reassures communities' - not to mention 'islamophobia'] Nine foreigners among Melbourne car attack injured

Nine foreigners among Melbourne car attack injured

AFP News
22 December 2017
A man who mowed down pedestrians with his car in Melbourne attributed his actions to "perceived mistreatment of Muslims", Australia said Friday, with nine foreigners among the injured.

Nineteen people were rushed to hospital, and three remain critical, after the Australian-Afghan driver ploughed through a busy downtown intersection on Thursday in what authorities said was a "deliberate act". ...
More on the hyphenated refugee with a history of drug abuse and mental problems - and no links to 'terrorism' - at Yahoo!

# Much as with the dog that is always described as 'he won't bite' as it bites someone, muslims are always delinked from terrorism after they commit acts of terror - 'mental health issues' is the delinker of choice.