Friday, 22 December 2017

[Terror Australis / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Driving while muslim: 'Faith' in a fake god - or mental illness - as triggers for islamic terror-casting that has nothing to do with islam because islam means anything but beheading and maiming 'unbelievers' - or so the narrative goes] Tony Abbott: ‘There is a problem within Islam’

Tony Abbott: ‘There is a problem within Islam’

Chris Kenny
... Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaks with Chris Kenny on why more accountability needs to put on Islamic authorities.

“The perpetrator has claimed that it was in some way because of alleged discrimination of Muslims in this county. ...
More on the 'problem' within islam - and the followers who claim to kill in the name of God fake god - at 4BC

# Muttering while muslim - 'mutterances' - not islamic doctrines, or something:

Flinders Street rampage: refugee driver made utterances, including about ‘Muslim mistreatment’

The Australian
December 22, 2017
... Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton this morning said the driver was of Afghan descent and is an Australian citizen.

He told 3AW police had identified a range of matters in the driver’s past including drug use and mental health issues but stressed no one could have foreseen the attack.

He said the man had made “mutterances” since his arrest about voices, dreams and attributing his actions to the treatment of Muslims around the world. ...
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