Thursday, 21 December 2017

[New York Times: Fake 'good news' about a fake god and its fake christ - who is not the Son of God, is not Deity, and was not crucified for sins - thus leaving islam's unfortunate followers under the curse of sin and death and hell - NYT seems to be untroubled by its antichrist, fake 'good news'] Away in a Manger... Or Under a Palm Tree?

Away in a Manger... Or Under a Palm Tree?

Mustafa Akyol DEC. 21, 2017
... His legacy is so great that two of the world’s great religions, Christianity and Islam, sing his praises — even if they disagree on his theological nature or his exact birthplace.

So this Christmas, say, “Glory be to him,” as Christians say — or “Peace be upon him,” as we Muslims do. And either way, merry Christmas to us all!
More on the NYT's doomed attempt to exchange the Truth of Jesus Christ (Son of God, fully God, died on the cross for sins, subsequently resurrected) for the lies of the fake god of islam at New York Times

# Perhaps the New York Times could concentrate on the Gospel of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ - instead of promoting a fake god's blasphemous religion